We have provided premium pressure control equipment to the drilling industry across the United States for over 30 years. We understand the importance of service, equipment reliability, and safety. We have bases and partners across every major basin in the US, and we have built relationships with customers, covering their needs in all basins.

We have a mature maintenance program for providing safety-critical equipment. We take quality seriously and offer COCs on all equipment as required, and we design and maintain all equipment in line with API requirements. Our approved quality system includes ISO 9001 API Q1, 6A, 16C, and hazardous area equipment approvals.

With a team of engineers supporting our equipment, we are one of the few equipment providers who are experts in their field and can advise on sizing /applications and correct equipment for the job. With control of the design and manufacture of our equipment, we can rapidly perform design improvements and modifications to meet the demands of the field today.

Training School

The oil and gas industry has always been cyclic, with new personnel added to the industry and new applications and operations developed and implemented. Having required training where everything is done in a classroom with simulations and tests for many years has left a gap between theory and real-life applications and a gap for those who learn best while able to get hands-on experience. To address this issue, Shield Pressure Control developed a flow loop where pressure control can be taught in person with the actual equipment pressures and flows seen in real life. Our in-built PRVs allow the operator to learn the equipment and specific operations in a safe environment.

We offer a variety of classes from equipment specific to Well Control, MPD engineering design, and specific courses designed by external companies. Our flow loop can simulate certain critical operations before a job to give your operators the experience to perform for the first time on a well. Our classroom schedule is attached. Feel free to contact us with specific / custom applications.

ESG & Our Local Community

Shield Pressure Control recognizes the need to evolve with the industry and minimize its impact on the local environment and community. Achieving these involves implementing an environmental policy and mission statement and having a recycling program at each base. Some examples of our commitments include having a conflict mineral policy to ensure all our parts are ethically procured and moving towards being ISO 14001 accredited.

The equipment we use and the services we provide already heavily contribute to preventing any spillage or leaks to the environment while drilling. We design equipment to reduce any impact on the planet, and we are leading the effort to have solutions that are electrically powered by the wind and sun. We have partnered with Steve to supply portable battery-powered solutions to various applications across the industry. Our portable power solutions require only 3mph of wind to generate power, are backed up with solar energy, and have multiple other applications in the industry.

We also sponsor and participate in many local charity and community events. We consistently give back to the community through our year-round charity events.