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About Us

Shield Pressure Control is an established premium supplier of dynamic pressure control equipment, services, and solutions. A division of ADS Services LLC, Shield Pressure Control has bases across the United States, some established for over 20 years. We understand and have developed basin-specific solutions.

Shield Pressure Control not only provides expertise to support drilling wells across its multiple bases across the United States, but we also train IT personnel and customers while on the job. Our interactive dynamic pressure training school is open to everyone in the industry.

We are dedicated to providing premium equipment and developing technology to improve drilling efficiencies. Having developed many industry-changing pressure drilling solutions, Shield Pressure Control will continue to partner with drilling contractors, operators, and industry bodies to develop safer and cost-efficient drilling practices.

Shield Pressure Control is dedicated to quality and has a robust accredited quality management system. We also have a well-established preventative maintenance program in line with API standards, allowing Shield Pressure Control to provide traceability on components required and COCs on all equipment provided.


  • Focused on application specific
  • Multi-tier solution adapted to your needs
  • Driller-friendly interface
  • Available in low, medium, and high-pressure models as well as a 20” model dual bearing
  • Proven designs tested under field conditions
  • The leak-free seal between the annulus and drilling pipe ensures the safety of the rig crew
  • Cost-effective drilling fluid return pressure control system
  • Display percentage opening of the valve and annulus pressure to give full control over wellbore pressure while drillin
  • Most reliable well control choke with over 30 years of track record
  • True 3” trim bore
  • Control panels to meet all needs

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